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Barbie Girls launched globally, providing girls with “virtually” everything they could want online, including giving girls the opportunity to create a highly personalized avatar and “move” it throughout the Barbie Girls world, design their own rooms, shop with B Bucks (virtual currency) that girls can also earn, play games, watch videos and have real-time chats with other girls online.

Mattel’s virtual world Barbie Girls hit the 3 million user mark in its first 60 days and is growing at the rate of 50,000 new users a day, according to a report from the Scientific American.

To put that in perspective, Second Life took 3 years to get to 1 million registered users. At its current growth rate, Barbie Girls should pass the number of Second Life registered users between November and January 2007 based on Second Life’s existing growth rate. Barbie Girls would also pass World of Warcraft around the same time as well.

Barbie Girls allows users to customize Barbie dolls, dress them up, create virtual homes, adopt pets and chat with other users. The service is free to play with a revenue model focused on the purchase of virtual goods.

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