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I created RadicalZoo Entertainment in 1998 as “The outsider independent entertainment network.” To create a medium that blurred the line between traditional entertainment and e-commerce by producing a combined unique shopping and entertainment experience. The platform was to distribute video, audio and informational content together with a high level of interactivity.


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The following text is from the original “About Us” page on RadicalZoo.com

RadicalZoo will revolutionize the way we are entertained and shop on-line. Our mission is to create a totally unique shopping and entertainment experience. RadicalZoo is a “lean-in” website which brings interactivity to levels never before attempted in the online universe. RadicalZoo is not a passive site. Viewers become participants in the experience.

RadicalZoo is a new form of online broadcasting. Using our episodic (we follow the same characters over the course of many episodes), original, streaming programs as the spring boards for the entertainment value; RadicalZoo will create niche oriented programming targeted to specific demographics. Our all-original creative content will speak to segments of the population that otherwise have been overlooked by traditional media.

RadicalZoo will combine the most sought after merchandise with the hottest episodic television like programming. Visitors to our site select products during live action shows produced by RadicalZoo. Much more than an infomercial, RadicalZoo uses digital technology to raise product placement to the highest level. Visitors will be able to see the product while viewing an engrossing Emmy caliber program and actually select it for purchase, right on the screen, in real time.

RadicalZoo will use the processing power of the viewer’s computer to create a life for these shows apart from the original stream. Visitors will be able to interact with the characters like never before. Visitors will follow them on adventures outside of the shows they appear in. Visitors, as the “lean-in” participant, will form relationships with the characters as they become much more than characters in a show. They become your friends.

RadicalZoo will always be on the cutting edge, implementing new and interactive programs as technology changes. We will always provide a “lean-in” experience not a passive one like that which television relies on for its success. We are creating a new form of entertainment that will change the playing field forever.

First Shot Pilot

Created at RadicalZoo in 1998. RadicalZoo was one of the first website’s to stream original serialized content.

Set in a high school in New York City, “Freefall” is a 10 minute, live action, comedy/drama that follows the realistic, comic and often poignant lives of a group of friends who are trying to survive growing up, without any hitches, and figure out their place in the world.

Freefall - an original web series pilot created for RadicalZoo in 1998
Freefall – the pilot episode from RadicalZoo

Press About RadicalZoo

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