I am an award winning Creative Director, Producer and Marketer, with a background in digital marketing, ecommerce, television, film, retail and theater/live events.

I have been successful helping translate strategic objectives creatively to build an audience connection that achieves the goals set out by the businesses and productions with which I’ve worked. I started my career in art direction and set design and for the last ten years I’ve worked in the digital space with experience including brand identity, ecommerce, video (development & production), websites, mobile, social, tablet, branded entertainment (games and experiences), virtual worlds, and cloud-based experiences.

My skills are broad, from print to web to theatrical set and environment design. I have leveraged those skills for big brands looking to connect with their consumers wherever they are and in ways that make most sense with a brand’s core DNA.

"What drives me? The need to create emotional connections to consumers and customers that last a lifetime."


Here's the Moodstream of my life. Likes. Inspirations. Things that get me up in the morning.