Alexander Westerman - Creative Director

a New York based creative director with over 15 years of transmedia brand engagement and experiences.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Almost half of the planet’s remaining mountain gorillas live within the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. It’s one of only three locations left in the world where people…

RadicalZoo – a streamer before its time

A Brief History about RadicalZoo I created RadicalZoo Entertainment in 1998 as “The outsider independent entertainment network.” To create a medium that blurred the line between traditional entertainment and e-commerce by producing a combined unique shopping and entertainment experience. The…

Adoration of Art

In this short film Adoration of Art, I captured individuals and crowds looking at famous works of Western art in the world’s most popular museums. While looking at the “Adoration,” viewers are confronted with the act of looking itself and…



Hiking and Camping on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Hiking and camping in Greenland is a must for anyone who wants to visit an alien world without leaving planet Earth! My very first camping trip ever and we decide to go camping on the ice sheet in Greenland! We started our trip in Kangerlussuaq, headed toward the Russell Glacier, and finally hiked onto the ice cap. Hiking to the Russell Glacier With poles in hand and crampons attached to your hiking boots get up close and personal with meltwater…
Yamamoto Tweed Suit

Kansai Yamamoto Tweed Suit

Look at the detailing! This suit would be so…so…so amazing on moi! 1985 Kansai Yamamoto Tweed Suit. Incredible and avant-garde suit by genius Japanese designer, Kansai Yamamoto, who was also David Bowie’s favorite designer and was known for his pioneering and daring designs, mixing Japanese and Western fashion. This suit embodies that spirit perfectly, the trousers are high waisted with a flared leg that tightens at the cuff with clever darts – showing a western twist on Japanese design. The…


A gentleman’s banyan was a loose, informal robe to be worn instead of a coat. Influenced by Oriental fashion, these popular robes were also called Indian gowns, nightgowns, or wrappers. Cut either in a loose T-shape or as a long simplified coat, they were acceptable wear for home or informal business. Made most often of patterned materials, these useful garments could vary from light and cool to quilted and warm.
Courthouse Square is a backlot situated at Universal Studios

Spinning at the backlot of Universal Studios – Courthouse Square

Here I am spinning at the Courthouse Square in the backlot at Universal Studios Courthouse Square is a backlot situated at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The set is made out of a few facades that create the illusion of a model American town square with a courthouse as its focal point. The set is most celebrated for being highlighted as downtown Hill Valley in the Back to the Future series, and as Kingston Falls in the Gremlins movies. Predating…
The Complete Guide to Traveling With Your Dog

Road trip with my dog across the United States

Los Angeles to New York and back to Los Angeles. Two 35-day road trips with my dog Felix. Instead of flying from Los Angeles to New York and then back again, like a normal human being, I decided it would be fun and bonding experience with my dog, to go on a road trip across the United States to see some sights with my little buddy.   The road trip with my dog was an absolute blast. Mostly it was fun,…
Zayandeh River in Isfahan Iran

Spinning in the Dry Riverbed of the Zayayndeh River – Isfahan, Iran

Here I am spinning in the now dry, due to damming and farm irrigation, Zayandeh River in Isfahan, Iran. The swan boats, sleeping, waiting for the next waters to wake them up. The Si-o-se-pol bridge, longing for its purpose, appears in the background of my spin. People have lived on the banks of the Zayandeh River for thousands of years. An ancient prehistoric culture, the Zayandeh River Civilization, flourished along the banks of the Zayandeh in the 6th Millennium BC. Architecture…

A Brief History of Alex Westerman

Alexander Westerman is a New York City-based creative director. You will find my portfolio, blog, and other musings on this site. Who is Alex Westerman? Well, that's me. I'm an award-winning and forward-thinking creative strategist with extensive experience conceptualizing and creating exceptionally innovative works for Fortune 500 internationally respected brands, including Spark Networks (JDate, ChristianMingle), Guthy-Renker (Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, WEN), Mattel, and Nickelodeon. Exemplary qualifications in multi-platform brand engagement, customer experience strategy design/execution, creative strategy development, and creative storytelling.

creative philosophy as a creative executive

My strong articulation of creative philosophy and history of outstanding concept ideation and award-winning creativity has earned me many awards and distinctions.

15+ years of experience owning creative

As an accomplished creative director and marketing executive, I've designed, developed, and created unique brand stories increasing brand recognition and sales in diverse markets across the globe. I pride myself on my ability to lead complex design projects from concept to completion and ongoing maintenance.

a multifaceted career

My multifaceted career has included innovative work and first to market in the digital space, e-commerce, video for web, mobile - web and apps, tablet, branded entertainment, games, and virtual worlds. As a versatile professional, I have exceeded expectations in the areas of retail design, trade show design, broadcast commercials, print advertising, entertainment performances, and promotional events. My creative direction acumen easily translates across channels and platforms.


I've been blessed with working with some of the most creative minds. This practical and hands-on experience overseeing the brand expression, design, and experience across multiple channels has laid a strong foundation. Notable leadership acumen includes providing vision and direction to the creative team and motivating them to complete projects in alignment with organizational standards and expectations.

    • Amassed an impressive portfolio that showcases innovative digital creative solutions for iconic brands, including Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, WEN Hair Care, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Nickelodeon, JDate, and ChristianMingle.
    • Fully own and possess a strong articulation of creative philosophy and a history of outstanding concept ideation and award-winning creativity. Extremely adept at guiding original works in the digital and social space.
    • Enterprising problem-solver with a sophisticated eye for style, detail, and accuracy. Outstanding work ethic, unmatched commitment to integrity, tact, and diplomacy, and a sincere commitment to service excellence.

Fun Facts About Alex

Currently, Alex lives in New York with his husband, David, and dog, Felix. Alex and David were married on April 12, 2014. The ceremony took place aboard the top deck of a StarLine tour bus in front of the historic courtyard of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Their friend, Tanya Giles, officiated.  The grooms made their way to the bus in two conga lines made up of the flower girls, ring bearers, tourists, and several buskers dressed as Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, and Wonder Woman.  The reception was held at Soho House in West Hollywood. Check out the photos from the wedding.

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Portfolios of the New York-based creative director Alexander Westerman. Throughout his career, he has had the privilege to create works for some of the largest brands.

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A few projects from throughout my career. Click to go deeper into a specific project, or click here to see portfolios and companies I've worked with.

a little more about alexander westerman creative director

Alexander Westerman's creative background is very diverse. He was classically trained as a ballet dancer studying at The School of American Ballet in NYC. While attending Ithaca College he choreographed ballets for the dance school, two of which were critical successes: La Belle et la Bete and Flight of Icarus.

creative executive based in los angeles

Alex is an accomplished creative director and marketing executive with over 20 years in transmedia brand engagement and audience experiences -- from set design and art direction earlier in his career to digital and e-commerce more recently.  Westerman has a proven track record and ability to inspire, motivate and empower those around him.

audience experiences

For the last ten years, Alex has primarily worked in the digital space with experience in brand, e-commerce, video creative (broadcast and digital), mobile/tablet (web and apps), branded entertainment, casual games, and virtual worlds. Recent “real life” creative direction and experiences have been retail design, trade show design, entertainment performances, and promotional events. Alex Westerman has also produced print advertising, OOH and broadcast commercials.