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A Virtual World

I created and produced Nicktropolis which at its height boasted over seven million active users.

Nickelodeon’s now defunct massive multiplayer game, Nicktropolis. Nicktropolis was a completely new kid-targeted multimedia experience that offered visitors the opportunity to engage in a virtual world filled with their favorite web-based activities. At Nicktropolis kids for the first time had their own virtual community where they had the opportunity to play games, watch videos, explore Nickelodeon-branded and original environments, interact with other kids or Nickelodeon characters in real time, and create their own personalized 3D rooms


Parental Control for Multiple Virtual Environments of a User United States US20110219084 A1
Issued March 7, 2011

The patent is for a computerized method is for controlling a virtual environment of a user and includes providing, over a communications network, a plurality of virtual environments in which a user is able to interact with other users using electronic messaging. The computerized method also includes transmitting, from an authentication server, information about the plurality of virtual environments to a first computing device associated with an agent in response to user request for access to a restricted electronic messaging format associated with one of the virtual worlds. The computerized method further includes receiving, at the authentication server, an indication of authorization from the first computing device, wherein the indication of authorization includes a separate indication of authorization associated with each of the plurality of virtual environments.

Protecting Children Online

As the Internet has become an increasingly popular, if not universal, medium of communication, its use among children has likewise grown. Due to the generally unfettered nature of the medium, in that the Internet is publicly accessible and in that a user can access any websites, concerns have arisen as to how to protect children on line. It is desired to protect children from language or other material that is inappropriate or unsuitable, such as that containing obscenity, violence, threats, sexual content, offensive content, etc. It is also desired to protect children from interactions with sexual predators, criminals and others who may engage in illegal or immoral behavior. It is well documented that such interactions may be initiated by contacting children on the Internet. One way of preventing such interactions and their initiation on line is by preventing children and others from communicating personally identifiable information, such as names and addresses, on line. Finally, it is acknowledged that parents have an interest and a role in protecting their children on the Internet, and also that different parents seek different degrees or levels of protection for their children.

The Technology

The technology features a computer program product and method that can be used to control a virtual environment. An agent can be required to authorize access to restricted content that a user can request to view. By requiring an agent to authorize what can be viewed by the user, the technology can be used to prevent the user from accessing inappropriate materials and communicating with unknown individuals. The agent can be assured that the user will not be able to do so even without constant supervision.

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Sizzle Reel


  • A Massive Commmunity

    Averaging 4 million registered unique users

  • Engaged Gaming

    108 million game plays In the first six months

  • Time Spent

    Average time spent: 45mins