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RadicalZoo Business Plan

The Executive Summary from the RadicalZoo Business Plan

RadicalZoo will have the ability to both target narrow demographic groups and reach a diverse market base.  Each of the modules will target a narrow market, and in the aggregate all the enriched media will reach a wide viewer base. Initial components will target those demographic groups that are the greatest users of the Internet, such as; teenagers, science fiction buffs and mature women.


To create a medium that blurs the line between traditional entertainment and e-commerce by producing a combined unique shopping and entertainment experience.  This medium will distribute video, audio and informational content together with a high level of interactivity.

RadicalZoo Entertainment is a network of sites devoted to new and interactive content.  Our goal is to build together a network of sites forming a “collective,” where each member of adds their own knowledge base to the whole.

RadicalZoo will always be on the cutting edge, implementing new and interactive programs as technology changes.  We will provide a “lean-in” experience as compared to television that promotes a passive viewing experience.


RadicalZoo will be the first Internet based interactive entertainment network and will revolutionize the way we are entertained and shop on-line.  RadicalZoo will provide broadband content while integrating the most up to date and advanced e-commerce opportunities.RADICALZOO PICTURES
(Brighteye Pictures & PowerMode Productions)
We are aggregating together episodic video (based on the TV model).  A place where people can develop this budding art form of Independent Television.  Not unlike the independent films of the 80’s.  Not only are we partnered with many production companies that are creating and broadcasting their content with us but we are partnering with an online Digital Video Magazine that will so the end user how to create their own series.  Thus, creating a source of continued original content. Our model here is to broadcast the partnered series and if the property is a proven success then to take a more active role in the development and ownership of the second season of the series.  We have also just partnered with a video message board (like Earthnoise.com) that we can host people series.

RadicalZoo’s own production companies, PowerMode Productions (the union wing) and Brighteye Pictures (the non-union wing), are creating niche oriented and micro targeted content with cross over potentials.  We currently are in various stages of production on several series.

The following is a brief listing of our video properties to date.  We continue to add series every week creating an archive of all original content.

Company NameSeries TitleGenreStatus
Reaction 1 EntertainmentBox Version 5Sci-FiPreview running now
Cube ProductionsStarship 3CAnimated Sci-FiLive on the Site
ThunkAnimated ComedyJanuary 2001
Serial Box StudiosP3Sci-FiLive on the Site
Skeleton KrewAnimated Sci-FiLive on the Site
Zero G’SAnimated Sci-FiJanuary 2001
Quik SwiksAnimated Sci-FiJanuary 2001
Fistful of Pixels55 Mercer StreetDramaPreview running now
PowerMode ProductionsRoom 403Sci-FiFebruary 2001
RenaissanceComedyApril 2001
Brighteye PicturesMadam XDramaJanuary 2001
RidersActionJune 2001
Studio CreationsTrooper ClerksAnimated Sci-FiFebruary 2001
Happyland ProductionsStudent AffairsDramaFebruary 2001
Robot PegasusMarcus PebloAnimated DramaLive on the Site
The RaceAnimated DramaLive on the Site


Acquiring and partnering with independent websites that offer engaging and targeted enriched media.  Following is a brief description of our affiliations.

THRILLRIDE  (www.thrillride.com)

ThrillRide is the Internet’s premier web site devoted to the thrill ride experience.  Since its first edition was published to the World Wide Web in July of 1996, ThrillRide has become “The Internet’s Scream Machine Magazine,” an award-winning domain dedicated exclusively to the most amazing attractions at amusement parks around the globe.

ThrillRide was launched as a non-commercial site in 1996.  What started as an online hobbyist destination site, targeted to the love of roller coasters, has blossomed into a mega site of encyclopedic information on all types of thrills.

ThrillRide is an Entertainment Enriched Media site targeted to the lovers of thrill rides through out the world.  We have created a destination site that blurs the line between traditional entertainment and e-commerce by providing an experience that combines unique entertainment, including interactive video, audio and informational content, with a new type of shopping experience.

We are happy to announce that ThrillRide has recently acquired ROLLERCOASTER.COM thus solidifying our presence as the number one theme park destination site.  To date Rollercoaster.com’s site traffic hovers around one million pageviews, which roughly translates to 200,000 unique users. When the roll up is complete Thrillride will draw over 1.5 million users!

I4U (www.i4u.com)

I4U brings you news about the future in personal technology. I4U digs up breaking news about emerging products. I4U tries to find product image photos to give the interested visitor a full experience. Special features like product reviews and dedicated sites for cool products make I4U a destination for people interested in the latest in personal technology.

SINGLEREEL (www.singlereel.com)

SingleReel is a streaming video hosting site where everyone can be an author. You can use the site to share personal videos with friends and family members, or try to become famous as a video artist, or start a alternative local news station, all right on the site.

See what others are saying about the clips, which of the clips are most popular and, exchange ideas with other filmmakers in the forums.

You can also easily find video clips to watch. Browse the categories. Check out what other people are saying. Look at the lists of best and newest clips.

SingleReel also offers both corporate and individual hosting solutions.  SingleReel will act has RadicalZoo’s primary video host for its partnered content.  The Zoo has “First Look” at any video content that is shown on the SingleReel site.  Some of the videos, from SingleReel, rotate through the Movie section of RadicalZoo.  By doing this RadicalZoo will always have new and engaging video content broadcasting on its site.

Blink is a fictional shared world experiment.  A shared world is a fictional setting created by a number of authors collaborating on the details. Each author agrees to a set of rules when telling stories set in the universe of Blink. These rules allow the author to build upon the stories of the other authors creating a rich and detailed history full of exciting characters and ideas, which contribute to the whole of the Blink experience.  Similar to when an author agrees to write a new Star Trek or Star Wars novel, each author brings his own visions and ideas to the established history and helps broaden the scope of the setting.

WEB SHOW CENTRAL (www.webshowcentral.com)

WebShowCentral.Com is one stop shopping for anything and everything to do with web shows. Whether you’re interested in finding a show that suits your interest, producing a show of your own, buying produced content, or reading interviews with the show’s creators, this is the place to get it. Think of it as a Yahoo for web shows.

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to view video over the web, but with the availability of broadband technology and the increased use of DSL and cable modems, more and more people are going to the web for entertainment. In fact, a whole new art form has emerged from it. It’s called the web show, and it can be defined as a short animated or live action program that is created specifically to be streamed over the Internet. (We also have a section called “Web Shows of the Month” where you can view feature length films on the web.)

Many e-commerce, corporate, and portal sites are taking advantage of this web show phenomenon by using them to attract viewers to their websites. In fact, entire web show channels are forming which are solely dedicated to digital entertainment. Some of the major players are Atom Films, Mediatrip.com, and Shockwave.com, but more are definitely on the way (and you can see a list of them by clicking on “Web Show Channels”.)

With this web show boom at its earliest stages, it’s important to have a central station, a resource guide where audiences and creators of web shows can get information about this new industry. This is exactly what WebShowCentral.com is offering. The site is building a community for the web show world. Browse through the site, and let us know what you think.

Anime-Genesis (www.anime-genesis.com)

Anime Genesis has grown a long way from just being a mere fansite hosted on Geocities years ago. Now AG dot Com is a full fledge anime and manga entertainment site, one of the first of its genre. From reviews and image galleries, AG dot Com has now also included

  • Wallpapers and Desktop Themes
  • Hotbar Skins
  • Anime Online Games
  • Searchable Links database ( Anime Alliance )
  • Advance Bulletin Board
  • Free Email ( AG Free Email )

Anime Genesis dot Com was first fully online in Sept.98, though a few versions existed before. In 1 year, AG have grown more than 400%. Advertising in AG is easy and our rates are very competitive.

Currently, AG attracts more than 9000 unique visitors and more than 90,000 page views daily. This is a huge niche where you can target your product or site to further increase your online sales and reputation.


RadicalZoo MusicGroup is virtual music label.  RadicalZoo MusicGroup is a completely integrated independent music operating its business utilizing a business model new to the recording industry that was developed to generate sustained profitability in the Internet era.

RadicalZoo MusicGroup’s strategy is based on giving music lovers worthwhile access to an unlimited number of artists, musical styles and musical genres. By using the powerful and low cost medium of the Internet, RadicalZoo MusicGroup has created a stimulating and entertaining community to promote consumer driven sales. Underlying this Internet approach, RadicalZoo MusicGroup is building a stable of established artists and emerging talent by allowing them artistic freedom while enabling those artists to maintain control over their careers. In addition to recording and promoting the works of established and emerging artists, RadicalZoo MusicGroup is also building its base of assets by acquiring existing libraries of recordings and rights in order to generate a long term stream of revenues from royalties.

Unlike the major recording labels whose focus is to maximize revenue from the intensive promotion of a few major artists, RadicalZoo MusicGroup’s objective is to create a non-hit driven record label based on many entities selling 2,000 to 50,000 units each.

RadicalZoo MusicGroup executes its strategy by signing artists that either may not get a traditional recording contract or who desire to exercise a greater degree of artistic freedom than those contracts provide. By employing a strategy of not paying advances and having the artists cover minimal up front costs, RadicalZoo MusicGroup is then able to employ its web site to promote and distribute product at a very low breakeven sales level.

The following is a list of our partnered Labels:

Label NameFeatured ArtistGenre


RadicalZoo Interactive is a collective of digital companies that specialize in ground up web and game development.  Following is a brief description of our companies.

Games and Simulations

RadicalZoo GameWorks is an online and offline computer/PDA/Wireless game and simulation developer.  We are in active negotiations in acquiring several sites to begin to build up this module to the RadicalZoo family.

Shareplay (www.shareplay.com)

Currently in negotiations.

Shareplay was founded in April 1996 to create multi-user domain games.

Shareplay offers computer games, a player community, and other services on a free Internet web site.  Shareplay generates revenue using a media business model, like TV or magazines.  Shareplay attracts an audience of players, and then makes money by selling advertising and syndicating its content to other sites.

Shareplay games can only be played on the Shareplay service.  Shareplay released the first MUD game in January 1998.  Since then it has developed and released a second game, acquired a third, and is working on two more.  Shareplay has 10,000 active players, and shows over one million paid advertisements per month.

Shareplay has developed a proprietary technology that allows the company to build new games quickly and to integrate acquired games into the Shareplay service.


Rollercoaster is a joint venture between Mayim, Inc., ThrillRide, LLC and RadicalZoo Interactive.  This simulation will be the first online rollercoaster experience that will allow the player to build and ride a coaster.

Web Development

No web mission is impossible at RadicalZoo Interactive. We have the people, the special skills and the equipment needed to complete every step of every assignment…from domain name registration, hosting and search engine placement to interactive design and high-end management.

MolePeople, LLC (www.radicalzoo.com/molepeople)

MolePeople is a wholly owned subsidiary of RadicalZoo, Inc.  MolePeople is a collective of web junkies, designers and technicians working as freelance artists.  MolePeople continually seeks out new and exciting projects to develop. The goal: to blend technology and edgy aesthetics together to create compelling sites that draw the viewer in and keep them at the site.  Some of our services include: building engaging, interactive websites from the ground up; renovating existing websites; creating original graphics, static and animated; and assisting with setting up hosting and getting it all online.  Design and development – We integrate marketing with interactive technologies to effectively promote your products and services on line. We thoroughly research the market to learn what information is important to your customers. Then we build the site that makes it easy for them to find it. And to find you.

Full production services – Our staff is skilled in HTML, Java, JavaScript, CGI, 3D modeling, animation, flash, all of the tools required to produce sophisticated interactive content. We utilize the latest technologies to maximize the impact of your site.

CACMEDIA  (www.cacmedia.com)

CACMedia was founded in order to provide individuals and businesses with innovative solutions to today’s challenges that involve media. Over the years they have launched an impressive number of successful projects and have also developed amazing relationships with an extensive list of clients.


The methodology and processes that will be utilized by RadicalZoo will afford a number of key advantages:

  • Low Upfront Investment – RadicalZoo can move quickly and build this platform without incurring the large investment that would be required by the “big” players in the entertainment business.
  • Low Cost Development – Through the use of web based digital production, as compared to traditional broadcast and distribution mediums, RadicalZoo can produce the highest quality entertainment while maintaining a low cost structure.
  • Shorter Development Cycles – Using web based production, the time period between series development and broadcast is substantially shorter than traditional media production.
  • New Talent – RadicalZoo will use local and sometimes unknown talents who are looking for a medium to showcase their talents and abilities.
  • Audience Targeting – The power of the Internet, as a broadcasting medium, will allow RadicalZoo to create niche-oriented programming targeted to specific demographics. Our all-original creative content will speak to segments of the population that otherwise have been overlooked by traditional media.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Revenue will be generated through the following:

  • Strategic Retail Alliances
    • Commission based sales
  • Strategic Corporate Alliances
  • Advertising
  • Endorsements / Product Placement
  • Production Capabilities for Hire
    • Both video and web production

Funding Requirement

This executive summary has been prepared to obtain financing in the amount of $500,000.00, to continue to work on production, website implementation, research, M & A, and development and general operational costs.


While there are competitors in the Internet space that provide broadband entertainment, (i.e. DEN, Pseudo, Centerseat, Broadcast) the majority of these competitors do not produce original episodic series nor do they combine the entertainment and e-commerce experiences in an easy to use, interactive format.


RadicalZoo will have the ability to both target narrow demographic groups and reach a diverse market base.  Each of the modules will target a narrow market, and in the aggregate all the enriched media will reach a wide viewer base.  Initial components will target those demographic groups that are the greatest users of the Internet, such as; teenagers, science fiction buffs and mature women.

Key Management

Alexander Westerman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman:  Alexander has extensive experience in television, movie and theater production.  His most recent employment was with The Walt Disney Company.

Elizabeth Samek, Chief Technology Officer:  Elizabeth has led numerous large-scale project implementations and is adept at building organizational foundations for complex technical environments.  She holds an Masters of Science and Computer Science from New York University’s Courant School of Mathematical Sciences.

Gordon Watkinson, Business Development:  Gordon is an experienced marketing strategist, film director, producer, and photographer.  As creative director for both internal and external marketing campaigns, Gordon clients have included Spiegel (fashion and home furnishings), Waters & Waters (women’s formal wear), Maxi Moto (women’s sportswear), Harley Davidson Clothing, Texas Instruments, and the Tiger Woods Foundation.  For Texas Instruments, he developed the marketing strategy for the company’s switch from defense-based to consumer-based selling. For Spiegel he was given the job of developing and directing a campaign to gain the awareness of generation X in the catalogue.


Tod Maitland  – Tod Maitland is an award winning sound designer.  Tod’s credits as a production sound mixer and designer include his early work on Tootsie, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound in 1982, as well as recent work on Howard Stern’s Private Parts and Robert Redford’s The Horse Whisperer. His efforts on JFK and Born on the Fourth of July garnered Academy Award nominations. JFK went on to win the British Academy Award for Best Sound. He now enjoys the status of being the sound designer/production mixer of choice for such directors as Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese and Robert Redford, among many others.

Peter Corrigan – As co-chairman of McGuireWoods’ New York Internet and technology practice, Mr. Corrigan has a diverse practice representing Internet, new media, technology and other emerging companies.


RadicalZoo is live and can be found at:  http://www.radicalzoo.com.  We are partnered with video, audio, and gamming content providers that enrich the site with all original content.

The following is a brief breakdown of the Networks potential traffic:

The Blink50,00080,000
Wrist Dreams7,50025,000
Single Reel9,00075,000
NetWork Sub Total809,5001,944,000