Felix the Dog

Meet our new rescue

Yup, I did it!

In 2018 we became one of “those” people. After being a cat person for most of my life I just got a puppy. Felix is my very first dog. Not sure about you, but I think he’s having a blast!

From Tecate Mexico to Los Angeles USA

Felix was rescued from the streets of Tecate Mexico. He spent a few months at different Mexican shelters when his godmother, Lisa Vanderpump (and her amazing rescue team) swooped in and saved him. Lisa brought him to her Los Angeles rescue center where he and his friends were pampered silly and spoiled rotten. Or so Felix thought.

Felix joins our family

My husband, David, and I were having lunch next door to the rescue. As we were leaving the restaurant, we caught a glimpse of Vanderpump Dogs (Lisa’s rescue) and couldn’t resist the temptation. The second we opened the door our eyes locked with Felix’s and it was mutual love between the three of us. Felix chooses us. And David and I couldn’t be happier. Felix is one amazing dog and can’t wait to share in his life for years to come.

life lessons from this mindful dog

MasterClass with Felix

Felix is our mindful guide for living in the present tense. He doesn’t ruminate about the past. 

Felix the Dog

Felix the Dog in Action

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