TurboNick Interface Design

Interface design for Nickelodeon's Video Platform

TurboNick 2.0 not only provided a hub for the vast library of content but allowed kids to become 'programmers' and 'creators' in their own right.

In 2007 Nickelodeon launched TurboNick 2.0, its broadband video platform with new features including continuous video streaming, customized play lists, content in multiple languages, the ability to search the broad Nickelodeon content library and more.

Since its initial soft launch (Sept. 20 to Oct. 1), TurboNick 2.0 has generated close to 19 million content streams, an increase of +911% versus last year's equivalent time period, which is almost 10 times the amount of streams for the same time period in 2005. TurboNick 2.0 is averaging 236,000 daily unique visitors, a +489% increase over last year (source: Omniture SiteCatalyst).