Hot Wheels – Sizzle Reel


Hot Wheels Racing Circuit allowed players to design their own car with multiple paint schemes, body styles, and accessories. With these custom cars, players challenge friends to races and tournaments on out-of-this-world race tracks. Compatible on both PCs and Macs, the first two tracks are free to all users, while access to premium tracks along with exclusive rims, colors and other accessories are available with a $29.95 annual subscription.all about.

Hot Wheels Racing Circuit was an online, multiplayer, bowser-based game. To start off with the players got two tracks and several racing games that were free to play. Kids could also customize their own car for free. Other customizations required credits which were earned by racing. Each race required 8 players and if there weren’t enough kids online at the time, the computer would fill up the rest of the slots. There were also 8 trophies for every race, so kids would always win something in each race they participated in.

Creative Direction and Production responsibilities included:

  • Created Brand Guide

  • Website UI & UX

  • Programming strategy

  • New Feature Sets

  • Scheduling and Publish

  • Product updates

  • Produced original content

  • Marketing support

  • Ad Sales

  • Day to day operations