Kansai Yamamoto Tweed Suit

Look at the detailing! This suit would be so…so…so amazing on moi!
1985 Kansai Yamamoto Tweed Suit.

Incredible and avant-garde suit by genius Japanese designer, Kansai Yamamoto, who was also David Bowie’s favorite designer and was known for his pioneering and daring designs, mixing Japanese and Western fashion. This suit embodies that spirit perfectly, the trousers are high waisted with a flared leg that tightens at the cuff with clever darts – showing a western twist on Japanese design. The matching jacket has wide shoulders and an oversized fit which give an edgy high fashion look, with layers of tweed, velvet and houndstooth wool fabric that are more often found in English heritage garments, showing Kansai’s versatility and ingenuity.

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