Lead the team that created a new kids network:

Mattel Digital Network

Created a new kids digital entertainment network out of a Mattel.com’s corporate holding site. In three months the domain started ranking as a top kids destination by comScore. Since the September 2009 launch, the market share of all Mattel brand sites has increased, with an average comScore ranking as the number two kids network.


Mattel.com History

Up until the launch of the new network the Mattel website was a holding site for corporate communications.

Mattel Digital

With its broad portfolio of toy brands, Mattel wanted to increase awareness of its various product lines. The redesign of Mattel.com established a single destination for boys, girls, families and collectors to explore and play with familiar and unfamiliar brands.

The entry to the site experience is focused upon a mashup of brands where one can play videos or click to get more information. One could also zoom forward through the z-axis in order to arrive in different zones based upon Mattel's four key target audiences.

User Experience

  • The user experience identifies the age of a child and provides a different experience depending on gender, interests, and level of active participation.
  • A kid-safe environment with content that is screened, approved and appropriate for children at each age.
  • Provide tools to harness the creativity of brand fans to make it not just a place to consume content, but also to provide content.
  • Deliver on being a site “for the kid in all of us” – from ensuring our channels will support the personality of each to providing a shopping solution for gift givers.

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Mattel Brand Pattern Crop

Creative Direction and Production responsibilities included:

  • Brand Guide

  • Website UI & UX

  • Programming strategy

  • New Feature Sets

  • Scheduling and Publish

  • Product updates

  • Produced original content

  • Marketing support

  • Ad Sales

  • Day to day operations