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Customer Experience

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Customer experience video samples that highlight brand content, product demonstrations and commercials. I’ve produced, written and directed filmed content throughout my career. These videos represent a broad overview of my work. No matter which industry I’ve created for, the need to create engaging experiences for customers is a consistent through line. Nowhere is that truer than in digital brand experiences; brand marketing, ADs, commerce, retail, and product design. I bring years of user experience and design knowledge to projects to make customer experiences sing.

My Video Portfolios

Creating Experiences

Video work samples showcasing my skills as a Creative Director. Savvy brands realize that their customers care less about the way in which they shop and more about their overall experience with products and brands. Customers want the same things they’ve always wanted and the successful brands are the ones that make it easy for customers to get what they want, when they want it and how they want it – whether that’s online or at retail, a digital product offering or a tangible widget. Creating a joined-up, consistent customer experience is where the clever money goes, ensuring that however customers choose to buy from you, they enjoy it so much that they’ll return again and again, and bring their friends with them.

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