Michael Heizer’s Double Negative

A Birthday Wish Come True. Visiting Michael Heizer’s Double Negative Double Negative is a piece of land art located in the Moapa Valley on Mormon Mesa (or Virgin River Mesa) near Overton, Nevada. Double Negative was completed in 1970.

Double Negative is a piece of land art located in the Moapa Valley on Mormon Mesa (or Virgin River Mesa) near Overton, Nevada. Double Negative was completed in 1970 by the artist Michael Heizer.

A Birthday Wish Come True

Visiting Michael Heizer’s Double Negative

When experiencing Double Negative there are no directional signs to the site or curatorial descriptions set in Letraset on the wall, you define the work and create your own experience as an active participant. What you get out of the work is whatever you put into your experience.

Without making a value judgment, either you see the work and feel the connection to the landart or you don’t. You’re completely left to your own definition. The transformation of the work makes visiting the site exhilarating because you realize you are changing along with the masterful art.

About the artwork

The work consists of a long trench in the earth, 30 feet (9 m) wide, 50 feet (15 m) deep, and 1500 feet (457 m) long, created by the displacement of 244,000 tons of rock, mostly rhyolite and sandstone. Two trenches straddle either side of a natural canyon (into which the excavated material was dumped). The “negative” in the title thus refers in part to both the natural and man-made negative space that constitutes the work. The work essentially consists of what is not there, what has been displaced.

Double Negative Virtual Reality

Planning a visit to Double Negative Here’s what you need to know

It really is in the middle of nowhere. Prepare for conditions of extreme heat with no shade (especially in the summer months) – always bring water, some snacks, a hat, and sunscreen. It does get very windy with gusts blowing tumbleweeds and small pebbles that pelt you from seemingly every direction.

Use caution, avoid traveling alone, and notify an outside party of your departure and estimated arrival time for safety.

Double Negative is located about 80 miles from Las Vegas. It’s situated on the Mormon Mesa in Overton, Nevada.

Admission to the Double Negative site is always free and there is open access all day and night year-round.

So where the heck is it exactly?

The nearest major landmark that is relatively close to Double Negative is Overton Airport:

Overton Airport 
1110 Airport Road 
Overton, NV 89040

Directions to Michael Heizer’s Double Negative

From Los Angeles & Las Vegas:

If starting your adventure from Los Angeles, allow at least seven hours to travel. Keep in mind that the last 45 minutes are totally on unmarked dirt roads and some seasonal roads. A four-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance and sturdy tires is recommended.

Double Negative is located in a very remote area of the Nevada desert, but it can be visited relatively easily from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The journey requires travel on unpaved, rocky roads, so a vehicle with high clearance and four-wheel drive is recommended.

Head towards Overton, Nevada

Take Interstate 15 North past Las Vegas to Route 169 (exit #93) to Overton. Overton is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Las Vegas. From Las Vegas take I-15 N for 52 miles to Overton.

Once in Overton

Once on Overton, turn left onto Cooper Street, which leads to Overton Airport. This will be a sharp left shortly after the Maverick Gas Station, Moapa Valley Community Center and Las Vegas Met. Police Station (on left) and the Post Office (on right).

Head towards Overton Municipal Airport

Continue on Cooper Street to Airport Road.

Head towards the mesa

Turn right on Airport Road.

Drive to the top of the mesa

Proceed up the road to the top of the Western edge of the mesa. As you pass the dump, it will turn into a dirt road.

Once at the top of the mesa

When you reach the top of the mesa, note mileage and continue straight across the mesa (do not go onto the immediate right or left road).

Travel approximately 2.6 miles

After traveling 2.6 miles, keep your eyes to the left and make your first possible left (at 2.8 miles) onto a small dirt road, which is easy to miss. Note mileage again.

Double Negative is located at the third notch

The road runs to the north, parallel to the eastern edge of the mesa where Double Negative is located (overlooking the Virgin River). Proceed carefully. Pass the first two notches in the mesa and a small U.S. Dept. of the Interior/Bureau of Land Management marker at right. Double Negative is located in the third notch.

Congratulations! You made it to Double Negative

After traveling 1.3 miles, you will come to a fork, which leads to each cut of Double Negative. Bear right to the south cut. The left fork leads to the North cut.

Here’s a map to Double Negative: note: 36.6173193,-114.3534498

Allow at least a half-hour before sunset to start leaving Double Negative as retracing one’s steps is very confusing. Go out to the main dirt road, turn right and go back down the mesa.

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