Our busy little beaver

A new beaver has started to build dams on the stream where our house is, and in just one week, the beaver has already significantly impacted the environment. So we set up a backyard webcam to see if we could catch any activity.

We were not disappointed. Not only can you see the beaver building and maintaining the dam, but we had many animal visitors, too: great blue herons, wild turkeys, river otters, raccoons, squirrels, foxes, and mergansers. To name a few.

It’s incredible how fast beavers and their construction of dams can change the whole ecology of a river. By creating ponds and wetlands, they provide habitat for all sorts of animals, from fish to amphibians to mammals. And their dams can also help control flooding downstream.

So if you’re ever in Dutchess County, NY, keep your eyes peeled for beaver dams! You might just shoot some amazing wildlife.

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