Millie and Felix

Dog best friends play tug of war

It’s a battle of wits in this dog-eat-dog fight to the end. Millie and Felix, the best dog friends, love playing tug of war with each other. They love to play dog fight and especially love to play tug of war. These two bestie dogs always find time to keep honing in on their tug-of-war strategies.

It may seem like a game where the strongest wins, but Tug of War is more than a test of strength. Even before the game begins, kids have to flex their cognitive skills. Letting dogs problem-solve and negotiate helps build their cognitive skills, and it’s also a good lesson in compromise and learning to work as a team. And once play begins, dogs will use all their muscles to pull the opposing team over the centerline.

Dog best friends play tug of war - Dog best friends fight and make up

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