Camping on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Camping on the Greenland Ice Sheet

My very first camping trip ever and we decide to go camping on the ice sheet in Greenland! We started our trip in Kangerlussuaq, headed toward the Russell Glacier and finally hiked onto the ice sheet.

Finding our way to Russell Glacier - our campsite

The Russell Glacier, located in central-western Greenland, flows from the Greenlandic Ice Sheet at a rate of about 25 m per year. It is a ‘land-terminating’ glacier, meaning that it mainly loses mass through melting in contrast to the calving of icebergs into the ocean. The Russell Glacier area provides an excellent opportunity to view typical glacial erosional and geomorphologic features.

This is where we were...

Hiking on the Ice - Fun but can dangerous

Making our way to our campsite. My husband, David, is dragging a sled. The Greenland ice sheet, covers 1, 710, 000 square kilometers, or roughly 80% of the surface of Greenland. The crampons took a little to get used to but an essential gear to hike on the ice.

This 360° spinning video was shot on one of our midnight hikes. Summertime above the Arctic circle, the sun never sets.

Greenland Ice Sheet Hike Route


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