Alex Westerman

What drives me? The need to create emotional connections to consumers and customers that last a lifetime.

Los Angeles Based Creative Director Alex Westerman Greenland Ice SheetAlexander Westerman

Jenn Brigham

I had the pleasure of working with Alex at Spark Networks and at OPUS LA. He is an incredibly genuine, creative, thoughtful, and thorough CD. He knows how to reinvent brands, all the while considering a bigger strategic vision. He always gives clear direction while allowing the space for exploration. His keen eye for detail and vast knowledge of digital, print, packaging and branding really set him apart.

Jenn Brigham

Jacob Ford – Padua Farms

Alex is amazing. He’s done projects for major corporations but can work with amateurs like myself just as well and still produce top-quality work. I can’t recommend him enough!

Jacob Ford

Charlie Jones

Alex is a fiercely intelligent, cannily creative, digitally savvy executive dedicated to bringing brands and marketing strategies to life through effective and moving design and content. He moves effortlessly from strategy to execution with wit, charm, and focus. I met Alex at Mattel and worked with him closely at Guthy-Renker and always found his insights illuminating, contributions helpful, and output impressive.

Charlie JonesCharlie Jones

Dagny Prieto

Alex is a brilliant strategist who stays ahead of the curve and really understands the digital space. He seeks out and advocates for the best and most innovative ideas. He's deeply creative, cares about user experience and still manages to keep his eye on the bottom line. He's a great partner for in conversion-boosting efforts on the web and mobile.

Dagny PrietoDagny Prieto

Maximina Juson

Alex Westerman matches excellent visionary abilities with deep knowledge of the industry. This, in addition to his design expertise, makes him extremely valuable.

His ideas keep a team challenged and striving for innovation without gimmicks. He offers insightful guidance that always feels collaborative and fosters an atmosphere that breeds inspiration to produce stellar results. In short, working under Alex was a tremendous opportunity for me!

Maximina JusonMaximina Juson

Jeff Warrington

Alex is a pleasure to work with and brings contagious enthusiasm to his creative leadership. He provides direction constructively without prescribing or limiting potential solutions and is decisive at editing, all with a clear focus on goals and objectives, to form the necessary creative outcome.

Jeff WarringtonJeff Warrington

J. Alison Bryant, Ph.D.

Alex has a unique combination of innovative ideas and managerial skills. He has spearheaded many key ground-breaking applications for the digital team, usually working on several of them concurrently. In the fast-paced industry, we work in, he's exactly the kind of person you want on your team!

J. Alison BryantJ. Alison Bryant