JDate Brand Identity

New Identity For JDate

Total Redesign

Completely rebranded and reimagined JDate for a contemporary Jewish audience


This redesign was a landmark moment for Spark Networks. In early 2015, we set out to turn-around a faltering brand and rebuild the trust and commitment to our members. We focused back on our roots of providing singles with online platforms that help them find compatible, life-long relationships. I created a new identity and position for one of the first dating sites on the web. Launched the new JDate digital customer experiences including website, mobile, apps, and brand identity.

JDate has been building the Jewish community for more than two decades, so it’s no surprise that it seems like everyone knows someone who fell in love on the site. To accomplish its mission of strengthening the Jewish community and sustaining Jewish traditions, JDate encourages members to engage both online and off using its fully-featured website, dating apps (iOS and Android), and in-person events.


The following attributes make up the essence of the JDate brand. Anything developed for the brand must retain these attributes:

JEWISH  At its core, JDate is a Jewish site for Jewish users, aiming to celebrate, support, and perpetuate the Jewish tradition. While the brand may not necessarily focus on religion, there is no need to shy away from the “J” in JDate by discussing or referencing Jewish culture and traditions.

CLEVER  The JDate voice is curious and worldly without taking itself too seriously. Whether through wit or lighthearted quips, JDate speaks to members on their level. The tone is casual and upbeat; never intimidating or distant due to stiff, formal styles.

INTUITIVE  Visiting JDate should be a pleasant experience. The brand ought to feel straightforward and useful, putting users at ease and empowering them to find dates, a relationship, or even marriage.

OPTIMISTIC  While finding a life partner presents a serious task, our site focuses on making the journey as enjoyable as possible through encouragement and inspiration. Our aim is to give members hope – because a love worth having takes effort and a positive state of mind.

HELPFUL  Accommodating and supportive, JDate is the ultimate mensch. The brand is altruistic, driven by a genuine commitment to strengthen the Jewish community and ensure that Jewish traditions are sustained for generations to come.


The Logo Defined

The JDate logo was an evolution for its 18th birthday. Keying off of the commitment to the Jewish faith and creating meaningful matches incorporating a nod to love in the Star of David with a heart.

The red J was created from explorations around Jewish symbolism. It was inspired by the flicker of the eternal flame found above arks in synagogues. The blue in the logo represents the divine because blue is the color of the sea and sky. The red in the logo represents life and joy. Together they reflect the resilience of the Jewish people.

Custom Font

The JSans typeface is based on the angular properties of the Star of David and contemporary geometric motifs.


The JDate logotype, as well as the logotypes for other Jewish Network properties – such as JLife – must be typeset in JSans. Use of this proprietary typeface recognizably identifies, brands, and unifies the logotypes of our family of brands.

Other uses for JSans will evolve along with the brand. JSans should be used selectively for impact and to avoid overuse. Use of JSans is a strong but subtle branding cue that provides creative opportunities for brand expression, particularly in making statements about JDate or JDate subbrands. LATIN CHARACTER SET HEBREW CHARACTER SET


Simply put, the brand identity and design standards exist to provide clear, reliable and enduring guidance on designing for the JDate brand. The document is meant to help our creative partners understand how the brand standards fit into and affect all brand touchpoints. Download the Brand Guide