OpusLA Brand Identity

Brand identity, positioning and marketing collateral for brand consultancy

OpusLA is rooted in Southern California. Like the iconic design of The Theme Building at LAX, OpusLA strives on a daily basis to create experiences that are iconic, bold, familiar, and on brand.  The Theme Building symbolized the unbridled optimism of Los Angeles at the dawn of the Jet Age.

As creators of OpusLA’s brand visual language, we are the advocates of the brand and its values, strengthening the brand’s personality in consumers’ minds. The brand identity and brand guide allow cratives to bring vibrancy and freshness to the brand, while maintaining a cohesiveness across platforms. The use of this guide is to both bound and inspire the creative endeavors for OpusLA.

The guide should not stifle the creativity, but create an environment in which we can all achieve our maximum creative potential, while maintaining a unified vision.


Simply put, the brand identity and design standards exist to provide clear, reliable and enduring guidance on designing for the OpusLA brand. The importance of our brand standards, however, is anything but rigid. They are central to our ongoing commitment to:

  • Maintain authenticity and build brand equity;
  • Provide a level of consistency and quality;
  • Facilitate increased productivity

Most importantly, this document is meant to help our creative partners understand how the brand standards fit into and affect all brand touchpoints.

Logo and Icon

primary lock-up

primary icon

Brand Elements


The logotype will remain the consistent element of the identity and applications. The Lato font family was selected for its clean, elegant clarity and non-trendy enduring form.


Color is a powerful tool that promotes visual recognition. When consistently applied, it will reinforce the OpusLA identity. The expanded but carefully selected palette allows for a range of uses and applications for visual variety.


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