ChristianMingle Brand ID

In 2015 I lead the efforts to reposition and create a new identity for ChristianMingle.

ChristianMingle is the largest and fastest growing online community for Christian singles. It is the premier destination for single Christians looking to date and marry within the Christian faith. Initially launched in 2001, the site now has more than 9 million registered members, with more than 3 million members joining in the past year alone.

ChristianMingle has been redesigned and reimagined with an all-new brand identity, an improved back-end platform and architecture, easier-to-use functionality and new mobile-optimized features.


This is a guide to the visual, editorial and stylistic choices that make ChristianMingle unique. Use it to maintain brand standards and stay on message in all mediums.

We set out with a goal to elevate the customer experience by putting them first in every aspect of their engagement with ChristianMingle. By doing so, together, we can help our members find the meaningful matches they are looking for.

A Comprehensive Redesign

This redesign was a landmark moment for Spark Networks. In early 2015, we set out to turn-around a faltering brand and rebuild the trust and commitment to our members. We focused back on our roots of providing singles with online platforms that help them find compatible, life-long relationships.


Created print guidelines for all related materials in marketing and advertising.


Full guidelines on usage for all digital media, channels & platforms.


UX & UI guidelines for iOS and Android applications


Set broadcast standards for commercials and related video content.

Logo Identity

new logo

old logo

The Meaning Behind The New Logo

In the purposeful juxtaposition of words, “Christian” personifies the most important aspect of ChristianMingle as an umbrella over what it really means to “mingle” and unite. The words are stacked as a pair, because on our site, pairs are formed in an ideal match. The proprietary font is contemporary and forward-thinking, aligning with today’s modern Christian. This font also represents ChristianMingle’s technology which ensures an easy, enjoyable, safe and successful online dating experience.

The green font color symbolizes rebirth and growth. Dating online is a journey that allows singles to revive their hope in romance and enjoy the potential for lasting love. In the Bible, gray, the second font color, refers to truth. ChristianMingle is centered on the ultimate faithbased truth.

After seeking theological counsel, we confirmed our choice to use the lowercase letters “c” and “m” in this new design because they theologically represent a group of people rather than the singular person, Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are all together under one belief that serves to inspire us to live rewarding lives with fulfilling relationships. Our commitment to true love has never been stronger at ChristianMingle and we’re celebrating that commitment with our new logo.

A Custom Font

As part of the branding efforts we created a custom font to reflect the new identity, “MingleSans.” The ChristianMingle logotype uses the proprietary MingleSans typeface, which identifies the brand and can be used in creative work to reinforce and evolve ChristianMingle branding.

A Sample of Pages from The Guide

Custom font created for ChristianMingle
Custom font created for ChristianMingle
Created personas for the brand
Font usage for all media
Web standards for sites & display media
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