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Here's the Moodstream of my life. Likes. Inspirations. Things that get me up in the morning. Things that make my heart race or melt.

Legendary New York Theater Company “The Wooster Group” is Back at REDCAT

It was a great privilege for me to be part of the team that brought The Wooster Group’s A PINK CHAIR to Los Angeles. REDCAT continues to deliver on its mission to bring artists who blur the boundaries between artistic disciplines,…


I started spinning videos about eight years ago. What started as a fluke has turned into a fun expression of my love of travel and adventure. Here are some of the spinning videos of the more memorable locations throughout the world. Highlights include camping in Greenland, Iran, Spain, South Africa, Italy, France, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Netherlands, Costa Rica, USA, and cultural sites.


To connect, learn, and empathize with all that the world has to offer.