Hello, I’m Alex

Creative Director, Producer, & Digital Marketer

I am an award winning creative director, producer and marketer, with a background in digital marketing, ecommerce, television, film, theater/live events and retail.
I have been successful helping translate strategic objectives creatively to build an audience connection that achieves the goals set out by the businesses and productions with which I’ve worked. I started my career in art direction and set design and for the last ten years I’ve worked in the digital space as a creative director with experience including brand identity, ecommerce, video (development & production), websites, mobile, social, tablet, branded entertainment (games and experiences), virtual worlds, and cloud-based experiences.

Spark Networks

Most recently I was the Senior Creative Director at Spark Networks where I lead creative, design and customer experiences for all of Spark’s products globally; websites, ecommerce, apps, mobile/tablet, social, digital video, print, broadcast, live events, trade shows and alternative media. Spark Networks is a leader in creating niche focused brands and provider of multicultural online personals and media in the United States and internationally. JDate and ChristianMingle are the two major iconic brands in the portfolio of approximately 30 online dating sites.
Alexander Westerman

What drives me? The need to create emotional connections to consumers and customers that last a lifetime.

Guthy | Renker

Prior to Spark Networks I was a Vice President at Guthy-Renker where I lead digital creative for all domestic and international website, ecommerce, mobile/tablet, social, digital video/still direction and production (display media, digital TV spots and marketing materials) for all brands of the largest direct response company in the world (Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, Sheer Cover, WEN Hair Care and others).


Before joining Guthy-Renker, I ran creative and production for the newly formed Mattel Digital Network. Within 10 months of launch, the Mattel Digital Network became the #2 most-trafficked kids network. I launched the first-ever branded experience around Mattel.com, creating a unique destination for kids entertainment and a new way for kids to interact with Mattel’s complete portfolio of brands.
I built a new team to focus on Mattel’s brand identity. The newly formed Mattel Worldwide Communications and Marketing team created a new brand position and identity used globally in Mattel’s corporate functions. The work can be seen in corporate literature, trade shows, office environments, and video. The new brand creative was deployed for consumer channels and launched as the very first domestic Mattel retail store.


Before Mattel, I created some of the most successful kids’ digital products at Nickelodeon. Among those were Nicktropolis (one of the largest virtual kids worlds) and TurboNick – a video brand that was delivered via web browser, mobile, cable boxes, and Windows Vista. Some other product highlights include: a browser based karaoke app, a patented kid safe messaging system, and numerous browser based games.

Theater, Film & TV

I began my career as an art director in theater, television and film helping create the environments that connected audiences to the settings of the productions. I founded the first large-scale roller coaster fan website (Thrillnetwork.com) and as a child, danced for the New York City Ballet.
My skills are broad, from print to web to theatrical set and environment design. I have leveraged those skills for big brands looking to connect with their consumers wherever they are and in ways that make most sense with a brand’s core DNA.



Alex has the unique combination of innovative ideas and managerial skills. He has spearheaded many key ground-breaking applications for the digital team, usually working on several of them concurrently. In the fast-paced industry we work in, he's exactly the kind of person you want on your team!

Alison Bryant

CEO & Chief Play Officer at PlayScience


Alex Westerman matches excellent visionary abilities with deep knowledge of the industry. This, in addition to his design expertise makes him extremely valuable. His ideas keep a team challenged and striving for innovation without gimmicks. He offers insightful guidance that always feels collaborative and fosters an atmosphere that breeds inspiration to produce stellar results. In short, working under Alex was a tremendous opportunity for me!

Maximina Juson Revis

Vice President User Experience

Knows how to inspire

As a leader, mentor and creative visionary, I give Alex the highest recommendation. Alex embodies all that is creative; he is very talented and knows how to inspire large teams to push their boundaries to achieve superior results.

Annalisa Agoston

Creative Director at Guidance

Great Job

Alex is a fiercely intelligent, cannily creative, digitally savvy executive dedicated to bringing brands and marketing strategies to life through effective and moving design and content. He moves effortlessly from strategy to execution with wit, charm, and focus. I met Alex at Mattel and worked with him closely at Guthy-Renker and always found his insights illuminating, contributions helpful, and output impressive.

Charlie Jones

Vice President

Brilliant Strategist

Alex is a brilliant strategist who stays ahead of the curve and really understands the digital space. He seeks out and and advocates for the best and most innovative ideas. He's deeply creative, cares about user experience and still manages to keep his eye on the bottom line. He's a great partner for in conversion-boosting efforts on the web and mobile.

Dagny Prieto

VP, Product Platform & UX

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