Content Marketing

A sample of brand marketing videos I’ve created.

In our fast moving and dynamic society it’s all about being agile and finding new and creative ways to impress others and stand out. Customer’s needs have changed. Everyone is looking for interactive and engaging content and most of all: an easy way to personalize it. Video isn’t just efficient. It’s engaging, shareable, memorable and popular—with people and companies. It is the perfect medium for showcasing a brand’s story and voice or for demonstrating the benefits of a products or services with subtle storytelling or overt explainer videos.

My Video Portfolios

This is my Brand Marketing and Content Marketing Demo Reel. These videos showcases my skills as a Producer, Director, Writer and Creative Director on branded videos.

The aim of these brand marketing videos is to share the brands values, mission, and ultimately the brand with a target audience. With video you can get a brand across through visuals, sound and storytelling, in ways that would be impossible for any other medium.

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